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From the Andes mountains where Ecuador meets Bolivia and Colombia, our talented artisan hands create and design the comfortable garments that today are worn all over the world.

With the desire to share our culture to the curious eyes of the 5 continents, our garments are handmade from Alpaca yarn. This represents a deep connection between the art of craftsmanship and the wonders that nature can offer us to be worn on our skin.

Sharing a small part of our history through art was undoubtedly a motive to create something that is known for its symbolism and quality. From that idea was born "Indian Creations" a community of talented natives that today have reached more than 10 countries between America and Europe with an encouraging message for all native tribes in the world... Not to be forgotten!



Where do our products come from?

Directly from the mountains and homes of our artisans our products are made with Alpaca fabric, an animal that faithfully represents the traditions of our tribes and of course, also the quality of our Ponchos and Jackets. Contrary to what is supposed, no, at no time in the production of the fabric are the animals affected, they go through a rigorous procedure where we take into account their care and their skin.

The fabric of a baby alpaca changes to that of an older one, so we can even consider two different products, due to the softness that the fur of a young alpaca can provide, we can make lighter designs than in any regular fabric.


These components make us a unique product and 100% original to its roots. The history of "Indian Creations" is just beginning and thanks to your support we have made a large part of our community and ancestors proud. We continue to grow steadily, both in the quality of our garments and in the loyal community we have built by sharing the most precious thing we have in the world...our roots and nature!

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